The Artist

It is no secret that newborns, families and children are my favorite subjects to photograph.

The family experience is near and dear to my heart being that I have two baby boys of my own. My photographic journey really started to pick up steam around the birth of my first child, Reiken (ReiGuy) and only seemed to gain momentum through the birth of my second son, Quentin (QuinnyPig). You will find pictures of my boys (and husband) in the portfolio pages as they are, without a doubt, my favorite subjects.

Through my camera's lens, I am able to capture their lives in images. I will always remember newborn ReiGuy's little old man hairline and QuinnyPig's transformation from bitty 6 pound baby to a hefty 25 pounds in the span of a year. I know how tender, and how fleeting, each milestone is. I also know how important it is to bottle up little pieces of their lives so you can remember and relive each and every detail about how they looked, smelled, sounded and were.

After all, when the diapers and bottles are over and your'baby' is heading out the door to kindergarten, or college, the images are all that is left of their babyhood and the beginning of your family. Preserve today to remember it tomorrow. Don't forget; Relive.